Solar Loans for Small Businesses

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  • Fast Small Business Loans Up to $150K in 24 hours
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What Is a Small Business Solar Loan?

Small business solar loans are short-term loans that fund buying and installing solar systems for small businesses which can help in reducing the overhead costs.  Installing solar system for your business will not only reduce your monthly bills, it will also reduce the harm on the environment and help you to be more independent. 

It can be a great choice for businesses in rural areas where electricity might be available at a high cost or not available at all.

If you are looking to reduce your business overhead costs and take it to the next level, trust LendThrive to help fund your solar system project.

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Why LendThrive?

Running a business can be hard work, but getting the right financing doesn’t have to be. LendThrive provides fast funding small business loans to help entrepreneurs grow and transform their businesses.


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    Get your loan approved within 24 hours of application.*

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  • Direct Funding

    We lend directly to you – no intermediaries.

*Some loan applications may require more than 24 hours and more than 15 minutes pre-approval time.

Larger Commercial Solar Loans

If you are a business owner or a project developer planing for a large-scale project in the renewable energy field e.g. solar farm then our partner Avana Capital might be a suitable fit for your needs. 

AVANA Capital provides project developers and their tax equity partners with lending solutions rooted in a deep understanding of the industry and market needs. Our renewable energy lending products include pre-development, development, equipment, construction and mini-perm financing, as well as distressed debt acquisition.

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