We’re hitting pause on originating new loans, for now.

Interested in exploring new loan opportunities?

LendThrive was launched to provide U.S. businesses with access to responsible capital.  Alongside our parent company, AVANA Companies, we’ve been committed to our mission—capital for a better tomorrow—for over 20 years.   

We seek to continue having meaningful and measurable impact on small businesses.  However, after careful consideration, we are pausing our current lending efforts through LendThrive.  We’ll continue our important work financing commercial real estate (CRE) through AVANA Capital and working with credit unions to originate and service CRE loans through AVANA CUSO. 

How does this change impact existing borrowers? 

We’re not going anywhere. For now, we’re simply pausing new lending efforts through the LendThrive channel.   It remains “business as normal” for existing borrowers.  Our robust servicing team will continue to support them.    

Rest assured that, while new intake is paused, we are not dropping any balls on our current clients. We remain committed to them.  

Interested in exploring new loan opportunities? 

While LendThrive is currently focused on servicing existing loans, we encourage you to visit AVANA Capital, our parent company, to explore new loan opportunities.  

Keep thriving, 

The LendThrive Team